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For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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iTunes is a multi-purpose media player, for Windows-powered computers and for Macs, on which it comes preinstalled. The software can sort your music automatically by artist, album, genre and so on and it lets you create simple or smart playlists. You can also use this program to manage movies, TV shows, podcasts and much more.

The second purpose of iTunes is to facilitate a seamless communication between computers and iOS devices. If you connect an iPhone, iPad or an iPod to your PC or Mac, you can use this program to manage media files, contacts and other data on your device. Additionally, the software lets you connect to the iTunes Store and to Apple's App store on its user interface, on which you can buy new songs and apps and send them to your connected device.

iTunes comes with a wide range of miscellaneous tools. You can use them to back up and restore your iOS device, create and transfer ring tones, organize apps and much more.
iTunes Features:
Support for numerous media formats
iTunes can play video and audio files in almost any format. What's more, it lets you organize music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and other types of media separately.
Automatic media sorting
Once you import your songs into iTunes, the software will automatically sort everything by artist, album, genre and other criteria.
Full support for iOS devices
The software can integrate with any iOS devices. This allows you to manage the contents of such devices, transfer them from one side to another and more, from your computer.
iCloud backup feature
The program can back up and restore all the contents and settings of an iOS device. Clicking a button is all it takes.
Quick and easy access to the iTunes Store and App Store
You can use iTunes to purchase and download new songs or apps from Apple's iTunes Store and App Store. The downloaded contents can be sent to an iOS device immediately.