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Remotely connect to and control a computer

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For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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You’re on your lunch break, enjoying a nice sandwich, when your mom calls you on your phone. She’s at home, having trouble with her PC, and she wants you to lend a helping hand. You’re more than willing to do so, the problem is that no matter how plainly you try to explain things, she can’t understand what you’re asking her to do. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could remotely connect to her PC and remotely fix her problem? Of course it would.

If you were looking for a software application that can do that, look no further. TeamViewer has been created with that precise goal in mind. It lets you remotely connect to a computer and remotely control it. That’s something that comes in handy when you want to help your mom, when you want to offer support to a customer, and even when you want to remotely access your own computer (access your work computer from home for example).

TeamViewer works the other way around too. As already mentioned, you can use it to remotely connect to a computer and remotely control it. It can also be used to let others access your computer.
TeamViewer Features:
Available for desktop and mobile
Obviously, you can use TeamViewer on your Windows desktop. You can also use it on your OS X or Linux desktop, you can use in on your Chrome OS laptop, and you can use it on your iOS, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry mobile.
Install it or run it one time
TeamViewer’s setup wizard will ask you to pick between a basic and an unattended installation (install TeamViewer to remotely access this computer). If you don’t want to install the software, there’s a third option: run only (one time use).
Remotely control a PC
Connect to a PC and remotely control it. Alternatively, you can allow others to remotely connect to your computer and control it.
Transfer files between computers
One reason why you would want to remotely connect to a computer is to control it. Another would be to transfer files. With TeamViewer you can do both: remotely control a computer and transfer files between computers.
Join or host a meeting
Join an existing meeting or host one of your own. You can start an instant meeting, video call or teleconference with just one click.