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Screen capture and image editing tool

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For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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TechSmith’s SnagIt screen capture tool is best suited for taking screenshots. You can use it to take a screenshot of the entire desktop, of a certain region on the desktop, or of a particular window on the desktop. Once SnagIt takes a screenshot, it opens it with its built-in editor, allowing you to draw on the image using a pen, add arrows to the image, put shapes on top of the image, and more. When you’re done editing the screenshot, you can save it locally, share it with others, or export it to another application.

As mentioned above, TechSmith’s SnagIt is best suited for taking screenshots. I bring this up again only to mention that SnagIt can capture video as well. Personally, I think that TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio is the ideal choice for recording videos. SnagIt may not have Camtasia’s powerful video editing features, but it is a pretty good choice for anyone who wants to video record whatever is happening on the screen.
SnagIt Features:
Easily take screenshots
Take a screenshot of the entire desktop, of a certain region on the desktop, or of a particular window on the desktop.
Edit your screenshots
SnagIt features a built-in image editor that you can use to edit your screenshots. You can add arrows, draw using a pen, highlight areas, blur areas, crop the image, rotate it, and more.
Video recording is supported
The SnagIt screen capture tool can take screenshots and it can record videos as well. It can record the whole desktop, a certain part of the desktop, or a particular window on the desktop.
Customizable capture profiles
To help you get things done as quickly as possible, SnagIt features multiple capture profiles. You can customize each of these profiles and you can create new profiles.
Hotkeys are available
Use a hotkey to show/hide SnagIt, to start/pause the video capture, or to launch a certain capture profile.