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California-based software developer Acoustica, via its Mixcraft multitrack recording application, gives you everything you need to create music. Mixcraft features an intuitive interface that you can use as a digital audio workstation, it provides access to lots of virtual instruments, it lets you access a huge collection of loops, sound effects and samples, it provides support for MIDI hardware, and more.

You need to know that Acoustica has three Mixcraft editions to offer: Home, Standard and Pro. Mixcraft Home is an entry-level music production tool for those who want to get a taste of what it’s like to create music. Mixcraft Standard (commonly known as just Mixcraft) is for passionate users who want a bit more than what Mixcraft Home has to offer. And the last version, Mixcraft Pro, is meant for hard-core enthusiasts or professionals who require a powerful music production tool.
Mixcraft Features:
Streamlined user interface
Acoustica made sure to fit Mixcraft with a streamlined interface that is easy to figure out and easy to use. After all, no one likes an interface that’s difficult to use.
Huge collection of loops
Mixcraft provides access to a huge collection of more than 7,500 loops, sound effects and samples.
Virtual instruments and effects
Mixcraft provides access to a large collection of virtual instruments and a large collection of effects.
Video editing functionality
Mixcraft can handle audio and it can handle video as well. Use it to turn photos into slideshows, to add scrolling text to videos, to add a soundtrack to a video, and more.
Mixcraft University
Watch video tutorials and learn how to use all the features and functions that Mixcraft has to offer.